What is IKO ?

In the past, there was the concept of IPO (initial public offering). In recent years, there has been the concept of ICO(initial coin offering). The future, though, belongs to IKO (initial knowledge offering). IKO, the knowledge industry’s equivalence to an initial public offering, is a groundbreaking concept which means that through sharing the insights they have from what they learn, every individual learner will be able to make profits from the knowledge content they produce.

Why IKO ?

PingShare’s IKO Knowledge Exchange allows every individual learner to make profits from the knowledge content they produce by sharing the insights they have from what they learn. To be braced for a future shaped by metaverse and NFT, IKO is essential for every one of us. As Willson Lin puts it, sharing is the best way to learn.

Through teaching and sharing, you can internalize the knowledge you have acquired and inspire others with new insights. In an age when knowledge sharing becomes increasingly valuable, every individual has the chance to build their unique brand! Unlike other platforms, PingShare has a comprehensive IKO system underpinned by three pillars:

Knowledge Exchange
PingShare’s Global Knowledge Exchange embodies the ground-breaking concept of an “initial knowledge offering.” Educational content creators can gain access to the Knowledge Exchange if their courses reach the pre-sale targets. IPO was the past; ICO is the present; IKO will be the future. Under this revolutionary business model, everyone can have an initial knowledge offering!

Knowledge Sharing Platform
Through resources and training programs around the globe, PingShare not only serves as a knowledge sharing platform – we are also an influential KOL. You will better understand the present and future of our economy by exploring a wide range of areas, including co-working and healthcare. You can even learn mind-blowing insights on real estate and tourism!

E-learning Platform
This platform allows educational content creators to upload their courses, which learners can purchase in order to attend in-person lectures and activities. Our goal is to make knowledge the new currency.

Company Introduction

Our Vision

Every individual can profit from their knowledge, experiences, networks, and resources through IKO.

Our Mission
  • To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth
  • To secure life and fortune for the people
  • To continue lost teachings for past sages
  • To establish peace for all future generations

Our Core Value

Knowledge should be shared to create values.

PingShare was founded in 2020. In the past two years, PingShare has been hosting online courses and live streaming online forums, which allow international leaders, industry leaders, senior executives, and renowned scholars to keep sharing their knowledge with the world despite the disruption by COVID-19 pandemic. Within this short period of time, PingShare has built a good reputation and gained great momentum as it enables knowledge, which is more valuable than wealth, to be shared widely, regardless of time and place.

On August 28th and 29th, 2021, PingShare held the first Financial Intelligence Online Forum, featuring speeches given by 12 industry gurus, including Dr. Denis Waitley, America’s top business consultant, and Doria Cordova, the CEO of The Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE). This online forum was live broadcasted on two platforms, and our participants came from all across the globe, including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, ASEAN countries, and North America. At its peak, 1,881 viewers watched the broadcast on Facebook simultaneously, and the broadcast accumulated 345,000 minutes of viewing time in a single day. The total number of live viewers at XiaoETong reached 15,811. These are remarkable achievements, but PingShare has a greater vision of leveraging knowledge sharing, metaverse, and NFT to create a new business model that will change the world.

Meanwhile, we are also committed to the cause of charity, as it connects people, makes our society function better, and leads us to a brighter future. In the long run, we are determined to make contributions to society through knowledge sharing and engaging in charitable activities. We believe that in this way, we can make the world a better place.

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